Deakin Communicating Science 2016

EES 200/101

Economics of large experiments part 1: CERN, nuclear research and technologies


lhcLarge hadron collider,



Higgs candidate image,


Large experiments such as the ones conducted by CERN (European nuclear research) , cost a lot of money to the public, the research done and the discoveries found can be so abstract that people do not understand the use of them and question whether they should be funding this. However these experiments produce a variety of technologies that we use a lot.



In the past nuclear research has generated technological advancements in the fields of:  human health, nuclear energy, archeology with carbon dating, food, mining and many more.  Some of the fields in which the LHC in particular has advanced technologies are:  radiation, solar power panels and computer grids, whilst CERN in general is more famous for the invention of the Word Wide Web in 1989. (cern, 2016)


solar panels Valencia using cern technology, (reuters, 2013)

Solar power and radiation technologies have already been effectively implemented in the “real world”, with installations of solar panels based on LHC technology in Geneva international airport and a British company which aims to “acquire a CERN spin-off business developing new forms of radiotherapy to fight tumors “ (reuters, 2013).





The computer grid, “Known as the Worldwide Grid,  would give users access to the computing power of all the machines connected to a network no matter where they are in the world.” (Gray, 2013)

cern grid

Higgs candidate image,

Much like the World Wide Web, the new computer grid technology will aid in information exchange. (cern, 2016)

The economic benefits of these experiments are clearly very large, by modernizing a country.







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