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Why is Space Research so Important?

Space… the final frontier. Why is it so important? Space research and exploration is so useful for so many reasons, one of which is; space is so cool! Some more serious reasons are listed below.


Space, the final frontier…

It encourages more people to get into science. When I was much younger, I was obsessed with space. I had a telescope permanently set up in my room, which wasn’t such a good idea as it was a rather large telescope and I had a small room. I loved space so much, I really wanted to learn more about it. I did research online, found out more about science and that’s what sparked my interest in pursuing a science career. Space exploration and research can be so influential for a lot of people. Hearing about the Mars Rovers and the idea of humans one day walking on the red planet can spark interest in young people (or people of any age) to pursue careers in astrophysics, robotics, engineering… the list goes on.

Asteroid mining is a somewhat controversial topic where there is a vision to mine materials from nearby asteroids. Human settlements on asteroids are also a theory at the moment. The controversy is the fact that humans have spread so much chaos and depleted so much of the natural resources on earth that there is a possibility that we cannot sustain ourselves. The mining theory is opening up and opportunity to harvest extremely important minerals and materials and even water for use, which in turn could help a large amount of people. Without space exploration and travel, this could not be a possibility, and how cool would it be to drink water from space?!


Overpopulation is becoming a serious issue. With better medical facilities (yay!), deth rate declining, larger families and immigration, many areas are becoming overpopulated. This is an issue that can cause problems like natural resources being completely used up, environmental issues like deforestation and pollution, unemployment and much more. With the possibility of colonizing Mars and nearby asteroids, overpopulation could be reduced. This of course comes with the risk of people then overpopulating the colonies and Earth again becoming overpopulated, but it could reduce the harmful effects enough to make a big difference.

Exploring space will also allow for even more scientific breakthroughs. Discovering how the universe started, how worlds begin and life is created all starts with exploring space. Researching the vast emptiness of space will produce results in enhancing all aspects of life. Already, space travel has advanced medicine. Digital imaging used on the Hubble telescope has aided in scanning for breast cancer, laser angioplasty procedures have been developed, programmable pacemakers and even tools to follow through with cataract surgeries have also been developed thanks to the space program.


The Hubble telescope

Space is so important. Researching and exploring about space is not only cool, but it is helping us learn about our future.



2 comments on “Why is Space Research so Important?

  1. kruuska
    May 8, 2016

    Hi apmcdona,
    I too am a space nut. I love pretty much anything space related.
    I particularly like when advancements that are made in the space field are then able to be adapted to become useful in life on earth.
    You mentioned a couple of the medical advancements that have come from space programs, and of course it would be impossible to list everything.
    Here is one of the more recent advancements that has made it back to earth from space that I think you might also be interested in (if you haven’t already seen it), His name is Kirobo. This little robot that Toyota has just debuted to the public was originally created to keep the astronauts on the ISS company. Here is a link to a nice video that explains him
    I enjoyed reading your article very much, good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. earkal
    May 8, 2016

    Great read with your space research blog. I myself did my blogs about space and Earth, so it really interests me what we as humans can do in Space. There have been many medical advancements with the help of NASA and as you stated, that the use of the Hubble telescope has aided in scanning for cancer. Other types of research NASA has investigated includes the use of micro-gravity of space to grow different types of human tissue for research and transplantation which helps gain valuable knowledge to the treatment of cancer. More information can be viewed here: if you’re interested !

    great blog post!

    Liked by 1 person

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