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Could a new discovery mean the end is nigh?

Picture 1

So conspiracy theorists think that the recent discovery of a possible ninth planet could mean that doomsday is imminent. Whether it be by asteroids, a super volcano or nukes there always seems to be someone out there convinced that the world is coming to an end.

Today I’m going to tell you why it at least won’t be from asteroids flung from the alleged planet X’s gravitational field.

Planet X is an enormous distance from the sun from theoretical estimates it has one of the largest orbits in our solar system. Taking 10,000 – 20,000 to complete a single rotation and at its closest pass still being 7 times further than Neptune’s with its average obit being 20 times greater.

picture 2
Figure 1 Planet 9’s orbit as well as the other objects in the Kuiper Belt.

Note that little, barely visible, ring in the middle of all those rings is Neptune’s orbit.

Not only do the people at doomsday prophecies believe that when Planet X does it’s closest pass that it will bring dangerous objects with it from the Kuiper Belt and fling them towards the they have also concocted the “Planet X scenario” where the force from Planet X’s pass will “will cause the Earth’s magnetic poles to shift; it will cause huge earthquakes, volcanoes, Tsunamis and hurricanes all over the planet. Crops will fail, millions will starve. 90% of the planet’s population will die.”

Furthermore Joachim Hagopian at believes that Planet X’s discovery explains all of Earths previous catastrophes and one of their sources even goes on to describe Planet X as “Nibiru (the possible planets mythical name)  the Destroyer.”

First of all given the period it takes for Planet X to complete one rotation about the only known catastrophe this may explain is the ice age, which was most likely caused the Earths own ever-changing climate and environment. Even so the time period doesn’t match up. Looking back at Planet X’s estimated orbit and where scientist are currently searching for it (which I will go into during my next post) it is not likely that Planet X is what could have caused the ice age.

Picture 3
Figure 2 Where the Subaru telescope in Hawaii is searching for Planet X

The extinction of the dinosaurs is also another plausible “doomsday” event caused by Planet 9 but there is no way of proving that.

Second Doomsday Prophecies apocalypse theory believes the end is coming very soon which again looking at where Planet X is currently estimated to be in its orbit we’re all going to be long dead before anything could happen anyway.

I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. Someone potentially discovers something new and potentially incredible and people have to go and turn it into something skeptical and dangerous.

If Planet X really is a threat than how is it we are all even still alive?

Another interesting read on planet 9 causing Earths mass extinctions:


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