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Abortion – Unplanned pregnancy


Abortion – Unplanned pregnancy

A fascinating fact is that about ‘50% of all pregnancies occurring in Australia are unplanned'[Children by Choice, 2013]. And ‘almost half of all unplanned pregnancies in Australia end in abortion'[Children by Choice, 2013]. Women seek for abortion for reasons such as failure to birth control, to avoid the birth of a child with medical issue and un-wanted pregnancy due to rape or incest.


The debate of ‘Abortion’ is likely to be a unresolvable conflict of rights. I’m a woman myself and I do believe abortion is every woman’s right and it is a decision, which she alone can make. No woman should be forced either to have a child or to terminate a pregnancy against her will. Rape is undeniably a unforgivable crime against women. However even in a despicable case like this, to abort an unborn child, like rape, is a pernicious act. ‘To terminate the unborn child impregnated by rape is to respond to violence against one innocent victim (the woman) with violence against another victim (the unborn child)’[Cherish life, 2014]. Furthermore, a reason for abortion due to disability implies that disabled people are less worthy than the lives of the ‘standard’ people, which is untrue.


A week after the conception, a tiny human is implanted onto the mother’s uterus. Its only 18 days later that the ‘heart begins to beat’ [FCWS, 2015]. Within a month, ‘eyes, ears and respiratory system begin to form’[FCWS, 2015]. Shortly after that, ‘brain waves are detected and are able to suck their thumb, squint, swallow and make a fist’[FCWS, 2015]. Others may say embryos and foetuses are underdeveloped to be morally insignificant. It’s hard to pinpoint as to when life begins, however, factual fact given, humans can only give birth to human children thus a ‘fetus’ at any stage of development is a human child. By stating that embryos and foetuses are underdeveloped to be seen as a human is equivalent in saying that a newborn’s life is less in value than a 5-year-old child’s life as the newborn is less-of-a human than a 5-year-old.


Other than the unavoidable circumstances like rape or birth defect, usually, unwanted pregnancies can be prevented. There are various methods as to prevent pregnancies such as the birth control pill/patches/shots, birth control implants/vaginal rings/sponge and condoms. The individuality use of the birth control tools(99% effective when used properly) and condom may prevent pregnancy but if you want the most effective, fool proof protection, its best to use dual protection: to use two methods instead of one.


Your body, your choice but let’s consider the right of children to be born.





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5 comments on “Abortion – Unplanned pregnancy

  1. jcollinsweb
    May 7, 2016

    Hi, a very interesting and controversial topic you have chosen here. While I completely respect your opinion I have to say that I disagree with you. I love children, and have wanted to be a mum for as long as I can remember, however I think that in order to be a good parent you have to be ready to have a child. By not allowing women to terminate their pregnancies they’re forced into parenthood, something many people aren’t ready for or may never want. As a result of this they may never be able to pursue a career and live their life as they want to and eventually have kids when they are ready. Another scenario is that they grow up resenting their own child for changing their life and therefore causing an incredibly negative environment for both mother and child.

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  2. pmwatts95
    May 8, 2016

    Hi there,
    I’m really interested with this controversial topic you’ve decided to take on. I really respect the viewpoints you are talking about numerous situations that could bring about the thought of abortion.
    People always feel that the contraceptive pill will protect them 100 percent and that a condom is not needed but that’s not the case. The pill is 99 percent effective when used correctly, but it is never 100 percent effective – there is always a risk.
    As a person who has seen her sister go through 10 loss of babies (8 miscarried and 2 ectopic). I really think in the case of unplanned pregnancy if you feel you cannot take care of the child adoption should considered. For those who cannot fall pregnant adoption is an absolute blessing and adoption is not easy, it is a long process to see the child gets the absolute best care from a family.
    However there is another large controversy in the topic of abortion. Here in Victoria abortion is legal up to 24 weeks gestation and with the approval of two doctors after 24 weeks – it’s still legal.
    So when it comes to a person deciding on an abortion, how late is too late?
    *Please note my references are in my hyperlinks

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  3. ellieheald
    May 8, 2016

    You’ve chosen a very controversial topic.

    I’d perhaps re-consider your rewording regarding rape and abortion. It sounds like you’re implying that they are one and the same. Unless this is really what you meant?

    There is considerable evidence to support the fact that the foetus is not viable (without medical intervention) outside the womb until around 24 weeks ( In other words the foetus is not capable of surviving as a human until around this point.

    The smallest amount of time a baby has ever been in the womb and survived is around 22 weeks (

    Therefore you could say that termination of pregnancy before this date is not a the murder of a child, and is highly ethical due to the foetus’ incapacity to function without the body of the mother.

    You have made a good point in considering the right of the child. This is why abortion is generally illegal after the foetus becomes viable (around 24 weeks).

    The only exception to this is if extenuating and detrimental effects can be proven on the mother, should the pregnancy continue (

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    • j4ck3l
      May 8, 2016

      Hi, thank you firstly to the poster of this article. Abortion is a very controversial issue and will continue to be so. I did not expect the stance that you took, I thought the article was going in a different direction. It was good to see your reasoning supported by evidence of empirical science, not just based on personal feelings.
      In regards to ellieheald’s comments about the viability of the foetus outside the womb, while I agree that there may be varying degrees of survivability of premature babies, I do not see how a human’s (in the case the foetus) reliance on another (mother) should result in permissible termination. I would ask why is it not deemed acceptable to take away the life support system of someone because (for example) they can not receive enough oxygen by their own means. Their independence or lack thereof should not be tied to their fate.

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  4. Carrie Bab
    July 5, 2017

    I was a relationship with a guy recently we broke up but I have a problem that I m pregnant with that guy. I am really very worried Some one suggested me about “A Woman’s Haven”, the team it seems help us in making an informed decision. We are planning to meet with them.


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