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EES 200/101

Climate Myths 2/3: Renewable Energy is Expensive

“Renewable Energy rocks!” – Donald Trump 2016

Finally! A decent word out of Donald’s mouth, however fake it may be. A girl can dream.

But it’s true! Renewable Energy DOES rock.

First of all, it’s renewable. Which means that renews. Never depletes. Always there.

Like a bottomless cup.


Aaand it’s not half as expensive as you think. As a matter of fact, the costs are declining! And the costs of burning fossil fuels are increasing!

For example, in 2015 the cost of using coal-fired electricity rose around $5 to $23 per megawatt-per hour across Europe, America and the Asia Pacific regions.

In the same period, renewable costs fell around $2-$7.

Other sources now even claim that renewable energy sources are in fact cheaper than coal, or competitive with it.

The figure below shows global power plant market shares. As you can see, the amount of shares held in renewable companies is increasing by the year, whilst those held in fossil fuels and the like are decreasing or staying the same.



And the other super-dooper-fun-exciting thing about renewables is:

The more you buy the cheaper it gets!

It’s like a shopaholic’s dream. Imagine a bottomless cup that gets cheaper every-time another person buys one.

It’s like buying a pair of jeans with your friend and getting two for the price of one. And then your other friend buys a pair, so your pair gets even cheaper.

The possibilities are endless.

The use of renewables is also helping to alleviate issues in less developed countries. The Barefoot College  trains rural middle aged women in less developed countries to become solar engineers. This means these women can provide and maintain solar electricity and hot water to their villages, whom previously went without.

Not only are they bringing clean energy into countries, they are tackling head-on issues such as gender equality.c


AND. As if it couldn’t get any better. Solar power in these villages powers desalination plants, providing clean drinking water to thousands of people a day!

Renewable energy literally changes lives.

And it can change your life too.

“Doubling the renewable energy share would result in 24.4 million jobs in the renewable energy sector in 2030, compared to 9.2 million in 2014”

So, prospective university graduates, if you’re reading this – get around it!

That’s around 15.2 million more jobs. Or 15.2 million less people you have to outwit in a comedic series of job interviews and consequential rejections I like to call ‘my career’.

To finalize, if you are:

  • Innovative
  • Donald Trump
  • A broke university student
  • A rich university student
  • Anyone else with decent morals and a desire for humankind to continue living on planet earth

Invest in renewable energy.

It’s cheaper than you think.

It’s saving you money. And it’s saving the planet.


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