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Climate Myth 3/3: It’s Not My Problem

“I consider climate change to be not one of our big problems. I consider it to be not a big problem at all. I think it’s weather. I think it’s weather changes. It could be some man-made something, but you know, if you look at China, they’re doing nothing about it. Other countries, they’re doing nothing about it. It’s a big planet.”

– Donald Trump
A real quote
I promise!

Oh, honey. How wrong you are.

You ask America about global warming, they say China did it. You ask us, we say America.

Now as we’ve come on this three-part sass-fest together, we’ve come to ascertain that the climate is changing rather.. abruptly.

Or least I hope you have.

And certain intelligent persons are coming to realise that this could have some pretty drastic consequences for human survival.

(And I’m not just talking about the burning hot environment we are slowly edging towards.)

In 2003 Schwartz & Randall identified three major issues a warmer climate would bring upon us:

  1. Less food.
  2. Less fresh water. (Thanks to increased floods and droughts)
  3. Less access to energy.

Less food, water and electricity?

Case solved. It’s definitely our problem

Now, not only are we potentially looking at huge death and devastation as a result of losing our basic (and necessary) amenities, we have much, much bigger issues at hand.

We all know how world leaders get. Grumpy, intolerable, blame-y. We’ve all read how well countries deal with refugees (not).

So just how well do we think they will cope with climate change refugees?

And then how well do you think they will go working together to ensure everyone on the planet has equal access to the potentially depleted food and water supplies?

Not well at all.



In fact you could argue (as Barnett & Adger did) that the effects of climate change could cause global conflict.

Like we need more of that.


You’re right Dons. It is a rather large planet.

But we are also a rather large population.  Around 7 billion at last head count (according to Google).

A large population that already struggles to provide food and clean drinking water to the whole planet.

So please. If you take anything away from this.

For the love of god don’t let it be screenshots of ‘Trumpys Words of Wisdom’.

Let it be the fact that climate change is a Major Scary Problem.

And it`s a Major Scary Problem for you.

And me.

And Donald Trump.

You don`t have to be a scientist to figure this one out.

And as a reward (in advance) for your hard work saving the planet, here`s Morgan Freeman narrating your future (green) (clean) life.




One comment on “Climate Myth 3/3: It’s Not My Problem

  1. ainaajmal
    May 8, 2016

    Hi there, climate change is an issue when it comes to people who are in denial, regardless of the evident signs and ignorance is definitely not helping. in addition to issues climate change would bring, include increasing temperatures which lead to droughts and melting of glaciers. This has also contributed to rising sea levels. sudden change of weather has made harder for species to adapt to. Climate change is definitely a serious issue not something to be ignored.


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