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Greetings, Earthlings! Some Ways By Which Aliens Could Contact Us

In today’s Blog I am writing about some Science fiction in which it is given some few imaginary ways by which Aliens could contact the humans from the space , So get ready for an exciting imaginary journey and enjoy!!!!!


dino capture.PNG      Beyond Earth

Figure 1 – Picture of the earth from space.

Researchers have spent countless hours thinking exactly how extraterrestrial civilization could contact people. Some of their thoughts are almost as fantastical as Hollywood’s most wildest stories.

From Alien mega structures to miniature robots, here are some of the more radical ways “little green men” are likely to contact people.

Laser pulses

dino capture

Figure 2 – Laser pulses in the space.

Repetitive laser pulses can be the signs of the alien race who are trying to cotact us by this lasers as they are able to reach very long distances. Researchers have zeroed the bright flashes of light, which are less likely to happen by natural phenomena.

So far, the scientists have found no signals of the aliens.

Robot Probes

dino capture

Figure 2 – Picture of the outer space (galaxy).

Alien signs may not go in electromagnetic waves at all. Instead, they might
be sending small objects to explore the universe.
“The greater part of the nearby planetary group is still unexplored, so for all we know, there could be alien probe circling on the space rock belt or some place on the surface of Mars,” scientists said. “They could be entirely smaller than usual. Who knows what outsider innovation is fit for — they could be the measure of golf balls.”

Finding these items could depend on the same innovation researchers could use to test those areas.

Radio waves

dino capture

In a 1959 paper in the diary Nature, physicists Philip Morrison and Giuseppe Cocconi contended that researchers ought to scour radio waves for indications of extraterrestrial life. That is on the grounds that radio waves travel moderately undisturbed through the universe, not being consumed or re-transmitted by celestial objects.

For a considerable length of time, that has been the predominant approach to hunt down outsiders. For example, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has scoured telescope information for sign like radio waves.

Obviously, the entire search lays on the supposition that aliens are thinking same like us, which may not be the situation.

“Aliens don’t read Nature magazine”

Star Dance

dino capture

Others have suggested that exceedingly advanced civilizations could be progressed astro-engineers, moving stars into peculiar or profoundly geometric arrangements that are unrealistic to happen by chance.

Others may really bridle star energy to make messages. For example, if aliens could turn small and extremely dense stars called neutron stars in simply the correct way, they could make these stars radiate light as a sort of blazing signal, researchers said.

Truth be told, when neutron stars were found, researchers thought they may be messages from “Aliens.” (That disclosure earned space expert Antony Hewish the Nobel Prize in material science; his graduate understudy Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who initially found the star, was left behind for the high respect.)

Part of space exploration

dino capture

The search for intelligent life-forms may not require devoted megaprojects, researchers said.

“We’re going to send rocket out to these spots to investigate,” researchers said, surrounding the spotslike the space rock belt. “So while we investigate the close planetary system, we ought to at any rate know about the likelihood of discovering something truly peculiar that would be fake.”

In any case, if there are savvy animals in the universe, chances are, they know precisely what to do to reach.

In this way, if aliens are trying to get in touch with us, it’s likely our deficiency that we’re not able to recognize their signs !!!!!


Anon, 2007. Aliens need a lot more time to find us. New Scientist, 193(2587), p.15.





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