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Milk Protein Making Us Sick

Milk gives us heart disease! Milk gives us Diabetes! Milk gives us Schizophrenia!


These claims are among many of the claims that I have heard around the debate over different proteins within milk. Are any of them bad? Is there evidence to support these claims?

In this final blog I reveal the information as it is currently surrounding the “nasty” A1 protein and the various products that have taken advantage of this debate.


Reflecting back on my last blog about Lactose, I encouraged people who had symptoms of lactose intolerance to try products that were lactose free. Later I found that some people, although drinking lactose free milk, were still receiving the symptoms. So I began researching some more and found that these people may not be lactose intolerant at all but rather are reacting to a particular protein in milk; the A1 Beta Casein Protein.


People have been happily drinking milk with no concerns to their health for years, so where did this concern over A1 begin? Although the idea for A2 Milk began in New Zealand, farmers in Australia were the ones to start up the trendy A2 Milk we see in supermarkets now. It wasn’t easy for them, they were attacked constantly by milk giants such as Fonterra and research company Dairy Australia as well. However they had good reason to, the supporters for A2 milk received several fines due to ‘attacking’ other milk labels by saying they were ‘unhealthy’. Not only is this unfair on other companies, it is also untrue and without solid evidence backing their claims.

The A2 Milk Company believes otherwise. The company has now changed from saying ‘other milks are bad’ to saying that ‘our milk is better for you’. By exploring their websites you can quickly find plenty of ‘evidence’ claiming that the A1 Beta Casein is linked to causing several health conditions, whereas the A2 Beta Casein is not. Therefore, any milk without A1 is better for you.

Now who’s to say they’re wrong? Not I. The research as of the moment does indeed appear to support their claims. However at the same time, it is not definitive. Just like with many concerns surrounding milk; further research is needed.

So should we all go out and start buying A2 milk because they say it’s better for us? Sure, if you want to. You won’t see me buying it, however that could be because I have lived on a dairy farm my entire life, drinking milk containing both A1 and A2 without any health issues. I do however, support someone in the idea of trialing the A2 milk to see if there is any improvement in comfort. I will continue drinking my regular milk up until the day someone gives me indisputable evidence saying that the A1 Beta Casein Protein is bad for my health.



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