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Please Keep Off The Grass! Or Not




Now i’m not talking a complete legalisation so that little Timmy from Melton can go into the milk-bar and purchase a joint. I’m talking about the legalisation of medicinal cannabis use.

The initial legislation into the legalisation of medicinal cannabis doesnt even have to be a wide spreed role out, just enough to give researchers in Australia a greater access to marijuana to further research it.


Now you probably have no idea who this person above is, and to be completely honest neither did I until i did more research into him. The gentlemen pictured above is Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a world renowned doctor and medical researcher and is currently also CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent. He recently did an interview where he talked about his views on the legalisation of medical marijuana “I am more convinced than ever that it is irresponsible to not provide the best care we can, care that often may involve marijuana”. Dr. Gupta goes on to state that only 6% of the total amount of research into marijuana is research into the medical side of it. Instead a majority of the research is into the psychoactive properties of Cannabis.

beating of old smoker


For the most part any use of Cannabis, medical or recreation is completely outlawed in Australia. However earlier this year the Victorian Government made history in the leglisation of medicinal marijuana use and research. The Access to Medicinal Cannabis Act 2015 enables patients of exceptional circumstance access to medicinal marijuana. Not only does this give people suffering the most painful and extreme conditions access to cannabis it also gives a greater ability for researchers to access marijuana.

Medicinal Cannabis – factsheet (1)  

The fact-sheet above is from Health Victoria’s website and outlines the major aspects of the act.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos is slideshow above taken by Darian Nyholt 2016

As you are probably aware, many countries around the world have began legalising marijuana.


Most countries that have legalised cannabis so far have not limited it to medical use. The Netherlands are a prime example of what happens when it is completely legalised and not restricted to medical use.

I went to the Netherlands earlier this year (January 2016). The photos in the slideshow above are photos that i have taken. Marijuana use in the Netherlands is now a tourist attraction. Thousands of people each year travel to the Netherlands just to get a “legal high”.

Although i am a strong advocate of medicinal use of Cannabis and its by products. I will never be in support of a full legalisation as seen in the Netherlands.


Marijuana should be legalised, but….


Marijuana has so many possibilities to possitively impact health adn this can only be done by the legalisation of medicinal Cannabis.

LEGALISE!! LEGALISE!! LEGALISE!! (For medical use only)





2 comments on “Please Keep Off The Grass! Or Not

  1. jwello
    May 8, 2016

    Hi Dariannyholyt,

    I really enjoyed reading you article! I believe that there were many aspects of your post which were well written, as you really took advantage of the conversational tone (possibly a little too much) and freedom to discuss what you had liked. I too agree with the use of marijuana for medical purposes, and where this was addressed was very positive. However I do believe that you strayed a little from the main focus which was the ‘medical’ side of it with the inclusion of photos from your holiday which were more about the use of marijuana in terms of entertainment. A greater use of scientific visual aids and graphs would have helped develop your ideas and concrete the claims that were made. Also, were there any other drugs that have been in the last decade used for recreational use, that could be used for medical reasons? I have read about the use of ketamine to treat depression, that would possibly be an interesting topic for your next blog post!

    Thanks for the good read!


  2. ptmitche
    May 8, 2016

    Really interesting personal insight into this marijuana debate, really enjoyed it. I agree with your points on legalising marijuana and I just think Australia is falling behind in areas that are seeming so mainstream nowadays, but it’s good to see the Victorian government initiate the use of medical marijuana for the future.

    Only thing that would have aided your point of view, would have been a little bit of scientific evidence based around medical marijuana as others reading this may not have any knowledge of the sort and may see marijuana still as that “gateway” drug that ruins lives, instead of the good it can do to people in certain circumstances. Overall, very good piece and good blog writing 🙂



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