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Beavis and Meth Head

Meth, not even once. This is one of the more common slogans associated with crystal methamphetamine. And its used for good reason. Meth is bad, and when I say bad I mean really bad. Meth took the tv world by storm thanks to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad I suggest you get off my blog and settle down for a


Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad.’ Source: Hucking Magazine 

few weeks and watch the series. Just like meth, its a hard habit to kick once you start. And if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad it’s story line is based on what all meth dealers and people who take meth go through. It ruins families, lives and basically once one is involved in any part of meth, it ends up going south very, very fast. Families, friendships, jobs, appearances, money and livelihood are just a few things that people exchange for meth.
The high from meth is literally better then sex. Statistically, ALOT better. Meth use releases dopamine extremely quickly and at a huge rate of up to 1250 units at a time, compared to sex that releases 200 units, that is over a 600% increase. Thats enormous.    No wonder a meth high leaves its consumers chasing a second high. This more often then not leads to dependency on meth for people to live. Its well known that meth is an extremely addictive drug and often causes peoples lives to revolve around it. And with figures like that its obvious why.

But why is meth so popular and rapidly growing into a epidemic across Australia?

Well one of the appeals to meth and why it has become such a problem in todays society is that its ingredients can be bought from a supermarket. All the chemicals are found in common household items. As if the idea of not knowing whats in ecstasy and MDMA isn’t bad enough to think of wait till you read this list. I’d throw the percentages in but I assume you have read my previous blog and am reading this because you’re a huge fan of my writing ability. The chemicals used in meth are simply putrid.

Acetone- nail polish remover. Lithium- batteries. Toluene- Brake fluid. Hydrochloric Acid- will eat away flesh. Pseudoephedrine- cold and flu tablets. Red phosphorus- found on match boxes. Sodium hydroxide- used to break down dead road kill. Sulphuric acid- drain cleaner. Anhydrous ammonia- fertiliser. With a shopping trolley full of those items. It sounds like you’re on a might cleaning job. Consumed alone these products would hospitalise one, most likely kill them. They are
extremely dangerous when making


A few of the products used to make meth. Source: NY Daily News

meth, and are also the reason why so many meth labs have explosions. Take into the fact that for every 1kg of meth made, 6kg of toxic waste is produced, that alone tells how dangerous meth can be.

There are no obvious reasons as to why a person may begin to experiment with ice. Curiosity and the influence of peers in a social group appear to be the most common reasons as to why someone would initiate in such a risky manner. Maybe people look forward to the side effects. Including paranoia, appearance decline, hallucinations, weight loss, teeth grinding, psychotic episodes and aggressive behaviour. They all seem so appealing.

Last year Western Australia’s Chief of Justice Wayne Martin stated that “95 per cent of armed robberies and up to half of all murders could be attributed to people taking methamphetamine.” That clearly states how bad ice is for a user. “Of all illicit drugs, the Australian Crime Commission report assessment is that methylamphetamine, and in particular the crystallised form, commonly known as ‘ice’, is the most dangerous and the highest risk to our nation,” ACC chief executive Chris Dawson told the ABC.

Ice clearly has a direct correlation with aggressive behaviour.The National Drugs Campaign recognises that it’s addictiveness leads to dependency and a users need to feed their addiction often leads to dealing or committing other crimes to support their drug use.” Many lives have spiralled out of control due to ice use from AFL stars such as Ben Cousins to people in small country towns, meth has no demographic and doesn’t discriminate. In my home town of Wangaratta ice has been in the headlines for a long time, in 2014 sixty people were arrested for an ice and ecstasy syndicate that was based from the North-East and operated as far as Sydney. It just shows that ice can reach anyone, even a small town such as Wangaratta.

The war on drugs looks like an eternal struggle. I for one can not see how we will ever
eradicate all drugs. When one drug


A meth users facial damage due to meth a induced psychotic attack. Source: Reddit

fades out of popularity another one pops up. When one drug lord is jailed, it seems two more step up to the plate. I believe harsher penalties should be introduced, especially with a drug as destructive as ice.

Serious action needs to be put in place before more lives are lost to meth or worse, lost to people who are on meth. The only way to stop ice is to punish dealers with longer sentences and to educate people on this drug. Without buyers there is no business for dealers, so education is a must in fighting a drug like crystal meth.

The Montana Meth Project described as “a large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing first-time teen Meth use through public service messaging, public policy, and community outreach.” It uses hard-hitting TV, radio, print, online, mobile, and social media campaigns that communicate the risks of Meth use.” Since its introduction in Montana in 2005 meth use in teens is down 63% and 72% in adults. Thats a more than an encouraging result in my opinion.

The Australian government needs a harder stance on meth, meth related crimes and education needs to be increased before Australians aren’t recognised by their tanned skin, Aussie slang and laid back attitude but by their scarred skin, scabby mouths and aggressive behaviour.



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One comment on “Beavis and Meth Head

  1. ewvs
    May 10, 2016

    Picture & headline had me set-up for the pop-culture dream that this is.

    Thank you for choosing this hard topic of contemporary conversation.
    Linking into popular culture (via tv shows) makes this story MUCH lighter to tackle.

    You covered all the main points of the current discussion around this issue:
    – who
    – what
    – where
    – when
    …. but when we got to HOW to deal with it (granted that this is not an arts unit), some of the contemporary debate was dropped.

    The UN recently debated this topic & I’m sure it would have been easy to c&p a view from the other side too.

    “Norway’s call for an approach to drug control centered on “human rights” was celebrated by the audience of international delegates and activists present.”

    Anywho, well written & the only real way for us to move through this issue & others is to continue to keep to conversation open, so thanks!


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