Deakin Communicating Science 2016

EES 200/101

Til ‘Divorce’ Do Us Part

Although there are plenty of collated reasons that often result in divorce and contribute to the inclining statistics, we are thankfully not completely doomed with the curse of divorce within the difficulties that we experience in our marriages. There are however a number of key aspects and practices that many couples can integrate in their relationships in order to improve their marriage, reduce the likelihood of divorce and potentially send the increasing divorce rate into decline. According ‘Life Way’ article source, there are a number of commonly listed keys to maintain a healthy marriage.


[1] The first is key to a successful relationship is to fulfil the fundamental principle of ‘communication.’ This ultimately refers to each member of the couple aiming to communicate both verbally and with the aid of body language both positive and negative messages. This is an important aspect of the relationship as it allows partners to learn how to express themselves as opposed to suppressing their emotions and relying on their partner to independently recognise and solve the issue, or even recognise that their partner loves and cares for them.

[2] The second key to a successful relationship is ‘making time for one another.’ The time that a married partners have the ability to dedicate to one another slowly begins to decline as aspects such as work, children, maintenance tasks and other commitments begin to fill up a majority of personal recreational time that couples once had to dedicate to one another. Making time for your partner in a sustainable way increases the likelihood of a healthy relationship, as well as providing an opportunity to incorporate other important aspects such as communication.

[3] The third key to a successful relationship is learning to ‘Build a Foundation of Agreement.’ Couples should aim to seek agreement in the boundaries and disciplines of their unique relationship. This covers a broad number of aspects in a relationship, ranging to consistency to morals and values that encompass the relationship, all the way to the consistencies in the practices couples take in disciplining their children.


[4] The fourth key to a successful relationship is the importance of ‘trust and honesty.’ A lack of this key element contributes conditions of anxiety and depression. Couples have different areas of concern when it comes to trust such as infidelity, financial reasonings, morals and values and more. Without the aid of mutual honesty and trust within ones partner, assumptions of another partners actions can lead to anxiety and withdrawal and further damage the communication in a relationship.



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