Deakin Communicating Science 2016

EES 200/101

Artificial Intelligence, where is it heading?

4Every day we are given new opportunities, a chance to develop our dreams and achievements in this life. However is this only due to our technological advances?

In todays day and age it is safe to say that a large amount of the worls population owns a phone, whether it be an iPhone or an android, a HTC or even a Nokia, we all have them. Whether we chose to accept it or not our mobile device is very much part of our existence, we require it every day it helps us stay “connected” and is very much part of us.

Today you can easily ask your phone a question and receive an answer, this was not something that could be done 20 years ago. It is safe to say that our involvement with artificial intelligence has come along way and with it we a creating a new era where we will not be able to live without our phone. Many would agree that this is in fact a great thing, being able to leave the harsh and tedious job to a computer, your own little personal assistant. We however are becoming a little too reliant on these so called appliances. In the morning many of us have a coffee machine that at any given time can brew our morning pick me up. Artificial callers, we have al dest with them as well as the self serving machines that we are all bound to use when at the supermarket.

The worlds most famous and well known artificial being is someone you may actually be well familiarised with, “Siri” . Siri is the artificial assistance built into every apple phone, she can do about almost anything from reminders to googling questions and even responding to well off the topic questions such as “what is your favourite song?” funnily enough Siri is only a low level example of where artificial intelligence is at and what its true capabilities are. Al is one of the most fastest self learning computers of our time with AI having the ability to learn, computers are getting to be pretty smart. As of 2013, AI was about at the same intelligence level as a four-year-old and since then Al has grown to become one of the most well informed data bases in the world.

It is Safe to say that over time as intelligence advances we too could be lacking behind, relying on all the technologies to manage our lives. In all truth, are we really benefitting from a computer with all the knowledge in the world? Or are we disadvantaging ourselves, after all we have all seen the ‘Terminator’ and look how that ended.


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