Deakin Communicating Science 2016

EES 200/101

One way ticket to Mars, would you do it?

By now you may have heard about the MarsOne exploration project, set to take sail in early 2020, the MarsOne expedition sets to take the human species and to slowly build a colony on the not so distant red planet.


‘Human settlement on Mars is the next giant leap for humankind.’ This is the opening sentence on the MarsOne exploration website, a play on words if you ask me. Using the most famous words in history, as said by Neil Armstrong while taking the first steps on the moon the MarsOne team aim to make this mission just as great as the world last known landing. After the initial moon landing made by NASA in 1969, man has not returned to the moon. Whether or not it was due to them realises it was a dry dead waste of a planet or if your a conspiracy seeker, perhaps it was because of other well kept secret reasons, man has not travelled or made any form of landing on a foreign planet since.

The website as fancy as it may be states that “this exploration of the solar system will bring the human race closer together(Mars One, 2016).” Hmmm… maybe, but who is to say that there are much more important things here on earth that need resolving first, after all it isn’t as if the planet is going anywhere anytime soon. As excited as i am myself about this expedition i do agree with the statement that “Mars is the next step of the voyage into the universe(Mars One, 2016).” After all it is true, its the next closest planet to Earth, and it is known to contain water in its frozen state, therefor making it somewhat inhabitable, that is from what little we already know without even exploring the planets surface. The journey to Mars began in 2015, with the search for four crew members to make the one way trip to mars and to begin the first human colony. As these initial four individuals will be highly trained astronaughts, the program has unsealed its doors to those who may want to leave earth for a life in the unknown. As i say this there are multiple the requirements to become a Mars One astronaut. Applicants’ characteristics must fit with those of an astronaut, and trust me the training is strenuous. There are four rounds of filtering the applicants from weak to strong, as well as if they will be mentally capable to aboard this mission. The journey itself is 8 months long with 3 hours a day dedicated to difficult exercise routines aimed at keeping their body and muscle mass stable.  An 8 month stay on they’re one way trip also means eating un -refrigerated and condensed tinned food, no showers and might I add the constant buzzing of the life support monitors.

Its easy to say that the journey wouldn’t be an easy one, and the building of a colony! MarsOne has stated that a new mission with four new astronauts will be sent to the colony every 2 years. There is also tumblr_nm73w1pbdy1upbn1no1_1280hope that by the time the colony is stable there will be no need to send supplies from earth with the new inhabitants being able to grow their own resources. Pretty much the primitive stages of life, well despite the fact there this is always technology to give out a helping hand.

Lets say the mission is successful, and that within 100 years you to could travel to mars for a holiday, or to buy that wonderfully built new estate in one of the planets various sectors, would you do it? Or would you like to be one of those brave astronau
ts, leaving behind everything they know and travelling out to the unknown, where their survival its promised and their return is so far something that is lets say a rather difficult. I suppose we will have to wait another few years to see if the project takes off, and if we really are venturing of into the new chapter of the human race “space exploration,” but until then ‘Live long and prosper.’


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