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Alien Mega-structure found!



The Kepler telescope was launched in March 7 2009; the aim of the Kepler telescope is to search for earth like planets in our galaxy, the Milky Way.

US telescope 'Kepler' starts search for second Earth

The Kepler telescope is designed to “stare” at a very small portion of our solar system and detect the dimming of start light, after gathering this data the scientists are able to determine the amount of planets a star has and if that start has any planets that in the habitable zone and if it is, it is then described as earth like planets. In the habitable zone it is the perfect distance from their mother sun which will allow to liquid water and rocks to form.

A normal dim in starlight in around 0.5-1% of the total star light when a planet passes in front of it, for example if the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, passes in front of our star, the sun, it will only dim around 1% of our sun light. However the Kepler telescope found a star, that is about 1400 light years away, whose star light dims from 15-22%, the name of the star is KIC 8462852, and the interesting bit about is that the dimming of the star light is random, for example if a planet like earth passes in front of its star it will only pass that point again in 365 days.

There are a few theories concerning this strange star some scientist believe that is a very large number of comets passing in front of the star, while some scientists believe that is could be a large alien mega structure that is built around a star to harness its power for energy. The structure is believed to be known as a “Dyson Sphere”.

Michio Kaku who is a theoretical physicist at City College of New York said on an interview by CBS news “that this could be the biggest story in the past 500 years, bigger than the discovery of America by Columbus or it could be the biggest wild goose chase since the loch ness monster”.


Some of you might ask that if it is an Alien mega-structure does exist why haven’t they made contact with us? Are we as humans not ready for that? Michio Kaku in the same interview answers this by saying “ if you go down a country road and see an ant hill, do you go down to the ants and say I offer you technology or you have this politically incorrect notion to step on a few of them… we have nothing to offer them”. So this is a reason that they might have not contacted us.

Listen to the for a really Awsome explanation done by Michio Kaku








Michio Kaku on alien mega structure


Michio Kaku interview

Dyson sphere picture


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